Doing Business with Us

Since 1954, we've earned the trust and respect of our customers by being approachable, responsive to their needs and, most importantly, delivering on our service commitments.

Generating value for customers 

Our integrated businesses offer a variety of services to customers and our employees take pride in partnering with customers to understand their needs and business drivers. Generating value for our customers is Pembina's goal and our aim is to provide outstanding customer service every day.

Our services include:  

  • Conventional crude oil, condensate and natural gas liquids transportation
  • Oil sands and heavy oil pipelines
  • Crude oil hubs, terminals and storage
  • Gas gathering and processing
  • NGL fractionation, storage and logistics

If you are a customer on our Conventional Pipelines and need more information, our commercial services and logistics team contact info is available below:

General fax number:
(403) 266-1177 

General email:

Business Unit Contacts

For contact information and other relevant documents, please click on one of the drop down items below.

Logistics, Conventional Pipeline

Jodie Colbert Manager, Logistics O: (403) 231-7488
C: (403) 968-9688

LVP Logistics Contact List

Andrea Bellows Supervisor, LVP Logistics O: (403) 691-7629
C: (403) 988-2197
Melissa Todd Sr. LVP Logistics O: (403) 231-7418
C: (587) 229-8457
Julian Wong Peace C5+, CRD O: (403) 718-1486
C: (403) 607-3814
Myles Androsoff Peace MSO O: (403) 231-3182
German Ovalle BC Systems O: (403) 817-7119
C: (403) 710-6486
Andy Vihristencu Drayton Valley System O: (403) 231-3186
C: (403) 700-3419
Flora Clark Swan Hills System O: (403) 231-3675
Peace LVP Truck Terminal Logistics

HVP Logistics Contact List

Jeremy Pono Supervisor, Logistics HVP O: (403) 231-3180
C: (403) 681-2494
Myles Androsoff HVP Logistics O: (403) 231-3182
Karin Reid Peace HVP O: (403) 691-7619
Alexandra Warrington Brazeau System
Northern System
O: (403) 231-2374
Arvind Parmar

Namao and HVP Deliveries /

HVP Truck Terminals

O: (403) 231-7458
C: (403) 619-3734

Invoicing, Quality & Contracts

Supervisor, Commercial Services Simmi Mangat (403) 231-7475
BC, Peace LVP, Swan Jason Lu (403) 231-3671
HVP (all), Drayton Ingrid Puscasu (403) 231-3676
Business Analyst Megan Okros (403) 691-7370
Business Analyst Kristyn Frederick (403) 231-7490
Supervisor, Petroleum Quality James Ritchie  O: (403) 231-7569
C: (403) 804-0516
Senior Specialist, Petroleum Quality Laurie Hepburn  O: (587) 293-1762
C: (403) 506-8872

For inquiries regarding future transportation needs and business development projects, please contact our team at
To contact the commercial logistics department for nominations and truck set-up requests, please email To acquire access to Pembina’s CVMS-Net website, please complete the CVMS-Net External Access Request Form below (a separate form is required for each user) and e-mail it back to   Our Information Services Department will then contact you with your CVMS-Net Access Code and Password. 
The website address that you will need to access your account is:


Manager & Controller: Scott MacGregor (403) 231-3168 
Manager, Business Development & Customer Service: Chad Rathwell (403) 231-7482
Logistics Analyst for Nipisi, Mitsue and Swan Hills: Flora Clark (403) 231-3675
Logistics Analyst for Syncrude, Horizon and Cheecham: Connie Wock (403) 231-7445

Pipeline specific logistics email addresses:

General fax number: (403) 265-0033 
Tony Goutbeck, Senior Manager: 403-817-7183

Operations/Production Accounting 
Robyn Gukert, Manager: 403-231-7535

Steve Giacomin, Senior Manager: 403-231-7650

Commercial Operations 
Marco Marchitelli, Manager: 403-231-6337

Business Development 
Fabrizio Chiacchia, Supervisor: 403-817-7130
Contacts for Crude Oil Midstream:

Deanna Lutze (assistant to Bob Jones): 403-231-7534

Business Development
Dominic Lajoie: 403-231-3677

Commercial Operations
Bryan Simister: 403-231-7432

Dave Nicholls: 403-231-7509

Mark Wilfur: 403-231-6747

Terminals & Supply
Kevin Malsbury: 403-817-7101

Cynthia Full Service Terminal

Terminal Logistics Contact List
Sr. Manager, Logistics Carmen Swift (403) 231-3670
(403) 808-4999
Coordinator, Terminal Logistics Catherine Harris (403) 231-6744
(587) 229-8451
Truck Terminal Logistics: Valleyview, Lator & Fox Creek Bianca To (403) 231-7441
Truck Terminal Logistics: Gordondale, LaGlace & Kakwa Chelsey Mah (403) 231-7449
Terminal Logistics: Canadian Diluent Hub Rebecca Ng (403) 231-7552
Terminal Logistics: Edmonton North Terminal Erik Taylor (403) 817-7185

Rules and Regulations

Pembina's rules and regulations set out the obligations of Pembina and the shippers and producers that use our pipeline systems. Publication of the rules and regulations on our website constitutes proper and effective notice to shippers and producers using our pipeline systems. We recommend that our customers familiarize themselves with this document.

 Rules and Regulations

Pipeline Toll Schedules

Pembina's toll schedules set out the tariff rates and specifications applicable on our Conventional Pipelines and transfer fees applicable on our Oil Sands & Heavy Oil Pipelines.

Each of these toll schedules is subject to the "Rules and Regulations" posted above. 

2018 Tolls:

2017 Tolls:

2016 Tolls:

2015 Specifications:

Terminal Fees

Pembina's terminal fee and toll schedules are applicable for the transporation of condensate at the Canadian Diluent Hub and the transportation of crude and condensate at Pembina's Peace truck terminals.  

2017 Tolls:

Aboriginal Business

Pembina supports opportunities for Aboriginal businesses to engage in its ongoing activities
and the development of new projects.  


Supplier Inquiry

If you are interested in engaging in business with Pembina, please feel free to submit your information so that you are included on a list of potential suppliers. Submission of your request does not mean or imply that work will be awarded to you by Pembina Pipeline Corporation; however, it does put your company's name on a list of suppliers that may be eligible to work for Pembina. For interested parties, please submit your inquiry through the following form.

 Supplier Inquiry Form