Officer Team

Officer Team

Leadership Matters

Pembina’s leadership team knows what it takes to achieve operational excellence while pursuing growth opportunities.

Our executives lead by example to create a culture where safety, environmental stewardship and value to customers and investors are everyone’s goals.

Pembina is making important strides with our Inclusion and Diversity Stand at all levels of the organization. Our succession planning includes leadership training to attract and develop new and diverse talent, because having a respectful, collaborative and fair work culture is a core value and a competitive advantage for the Company.

Scott Burrows
President & Chief Executive Officer
Eva Bishop
Senior Vice President & Corporate Services Officer
Cameron Goldade
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Officer
Janet Loduca
Senior Vice President, External Affairs & Chief Legal and Sustainability Officer
Chris Scherman
Senior Vice President, Marketing & Strategy Officer
Jaret Sprott
Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer
Stuart (Stu) Taylor
Senior Vice President & Corporate Development Officer

Inclusion & Diversity

Pembina recognizes the value that different perspectives bring to our business and is taking important steps to ensure we have an inclusive and diverse workforce.

"When we value diversity and inclusion, everyone has a voice and, in the end, a better culture and business is created."

Leslie O'Donoghue, Director
Executive Gender Diversity
Currently, over 30 percent of Pembina’s executive team, which includes Senior Vice Presidents and Vice Presidents, identify as female.
Pembina's leadership team has committed to increasing diversity at the executive level by 2025, which we are confident will enable us to attract a broader talent pool at all levels of the organization.