Purpose, Values & Strategic Priorities

Purpose, Values & Strategic Priorities


We deliver extraordinary energy solutions so the world can thrive.



At Pembina, we are an organization that cares not only about results, but how those results are achieved. We are:

  • Safe: We care for each other.
  • Trustworthy: We have each other's backs.
  • Respectful: We seek to be gracious and kind.
  • Collaborative: We are great together.
  • Entrepreneurial: We create to succeed.
Strategic Priorities

Four priorities support everything we do.

To be resilient: Sustain, decarbonize, and enhance our businesses

To thrive: Invest in the energy transition to improve the basins in which we operate

To meet global demand: Transform and export our products

To set ourselves apart: Create a differentiated experience for our Stakeholders

Purpose, Values and Strategy

Our Values

Our Values