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Marketing & New Ventures

Marketing & New Ventures

Maximizing the value of hydrocarbon liquids and natural gas
The Marketing & New Ventures Division strives to maximize the value of the products originating in the areas where our company operates.

To support our customers' overall business interests, Pembina seeks to create new markets and further enhance existing markets through the development of infrastructure.

Within the Marketing & New Ventures Division, Pembina undertakes value-added commodity marketing activities including buying and selling products (natural gas, ethane, propane, butane, condensate and crude oil), commodity arbitrage, and optimizing storage opportunities. The marketing business enters into contracts for capacity on both Pembina's and third-party infrastructure, handles proprietary and customer volumes and aggregates production for onward sale.

The Marketing & New Ventures Division currently includes an integrated propane dehydrogenation plant and polypropylene upgrading facility ("PDH/PP Facility"), being developed by Pembina’s joint venture, Canada Kuwait Petrochemical Corporation ("CKPC") and the proposed Jordan Cove LNG project.