Peace Pipeline System Expansions

Peace Pipeline System Expansions

Phase VI

Our Phase VI expansion includes pipeline upgrades near Gordondale, Alberta, a new 16-inch pipeline from LaGlace to Wapiti, Alberta, a 20-inch pipeline from Kakwa to Lator, Alberta, and associated pump station and terminal upgrades. The project was placed into service in stages starting in late 2019 through mid-2020. 

Phase VII

Phase VII includes a new 20-inch, approximately 220-kilometer pipeline in the La Glace-Valleyview-Fox Creek corridor, as well as six new pump stations or terminal upgrades, between La Glace and Edmonton, Alberta.

Phase VIII

Phase VIII includes new 10- and 16-inch pipelines in the Gordondale to La Glace corridor of Alberta, as well as six new pump stations or terminal upgrades located between Gordondale and Fox Creek, Alberta. Phase VIII will enable segregated pipeline service for ethane-plus and propane-plus NGL mix from the central Montney area at Gordondale, Alberta, into the Edmonton area for market delivery. 

Phase IX

Phase IX will include new 6- and 16-inch pipelines debottlenecking the corridor north of Gordondale, Alberta as well as upgrades at one pump station. This expansion will see existing pipelines, which are currently batching, converted to single product lines. Once this expansion is completed, Pembina will have largely completed its objective to achieve segregated liquids transportation service for ethane-plus, propane-plus, crude and condensate across multiple pipeline systems between Gordondale, Alberta and the Edmonton, Alberta area.   

In March, 2020, Pembina made the decision to defer Phases VII, VIII and IX of the Peace Pipeline System Expansions in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, the resulting virtual shutdown of the global economy and the recent significant decline in global energy prices. Please see the following press release for more detail March 18, 2020 press release.
Pembina has evaluated the deferral of the Projects based on recommendations from public health experts and its ongoing evaluation of global energy prices. As a result of such evaluation, Pembina will continue to advance certain components of the Peace Pipeline System Expansions. However, as of July 2020, construction of Phases VII, VIII and IX of the Peace Pipeline System Expansions remains deferred.