Supporting local and Indigenous businesses

Pembina places a priority on sourcing goods and services from neighbouring communities.

We support opportunities for local and Indigenous businesses to participate in the tendering process for our ongoing activities and new projects.

Doing Business with Us

Pembina prides itself on working with suppliers who place safety as top priority, uphold the highest standards of ethics and integrity, and are economically, environmentally, and socially responsible. To learn more, read our Supplier Code of Conduct.

Pembina’s general expectations of contractors for the supply of goods and services are explained in our Purchase Order General Terms and Conditions (PO GTAC).

If you are interested in doing business with Pembina within Canada or the United States, you are strongly encouraged to register with ISNetworld

When we need to expand or seek out new suppliers, we look at those currently registered in ISNetworld. Registration in ISNetworld is not a guarantee of future work or opportunities but gives your company exposure to Pembina and a wide variety of other owner organizations.


All contractors and suppliers must be prequalified in ISN before they can supply goods or perform services for Pembina. Prequalification requires delivering and maintaining contractor and supplier information including:

  • General questionnaire, duly completed
  • Proof of commercial liability insurance coverage that satisfies Pembina’s requirements
  • Proof of registration and good standing with the appropriate Workers' Compensation Board (or equivalent)
  • Statement of Compliance with Pembina’s safety and environmental standards
  • Undergo an orientation prior to accessing any Pembina site