Energy Transition & Climate

Energy Transition & Climate

Committed to protecting the environment; because we live, work and play here too.

We understand the complexity of providing affordable, reliable energy to power the economy, raising and maintaining global living standards while at the same time addressing the risks associated with climate change.

Pembina's Environmental Management Program provides guidance on regulatory requirements and Pembina's commitment to environmental protection for all phases in the lifecycle of an asset: project planning and construction, operation, decommissioning and reclamation.

Health, Safety and Environment Policy

Environmental Stewardship 

To learn more about how Pembina works to protect the environment, read our Commitment to Environment Factsheet

For details on Pembina's Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, land use and biodiversity, see our 2020 performance data.

Jaret SprottAs we strive towards our vision to be the leader in delivering integrated infrastructure solutions and connecting our customers to global markets, Pembina is taking steps to reduce its environmental footprint through the reduction of GHG emissions and other impacts to the environment caused by our business activities.

- Jaret Sprott, Senior Vice President & Chief Operating Officer, Facilities

Reducing GHG Emissions: Pembina’s 30 by ’30 target

In 2021, Pembina committed to reducing its GHG emissions intensity by 30 percent by 2030, relative to 2019 baseline emissions.

The GHG reduction target will help guide business decisions and improve overall emissions intensity performance while increasing Pembina's long-term value and ensuring Canadian energy is developed and delivered responsibly. To meet the target, Pembina will focus initially on operational opportunities, greater use of renewable and lower emission energy sources, and investments in a lower carbon economy.