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Pembina takes a proactive approach to environmental management

Throughout the planning, construction, and operation of our assets, Pembina is committed to taking actions that reduce our environmental footprint and result in a net benefit to the communities in which we operate.
Pembina's Environmental Management Program outlines our approach to minimizing and managing environmental impacts throughout the asset lifecycle. Specific guidance is provided for activities such as topsoil conservation, watercourse setbacks and crossings, erosion mitigation, vegetation management, identification of protected species, environmental monitoring, and contaminated site management.

Before beginning a new project, Pembina identifies environmental hazards and risks, conducts environmental reviews and assessments, and uses this information to understand the potential effects it may have on air, land, water and heritage resources. These pre-planning activities not only provide key information for mitigation of environmental impacts during construction, but also support operations and future land reclamation activities.
Pembina has operated in our community for over 45 years and takes great pride in operating their assets safely and in a way that respects our environment and natural resources.
Lori Ackerman, Mayor, City of Fort St. John, BC
Educating our people

The expectations for Pembina employee and contractor training in various aspects of our Environmental Management Program are outlined in Pembina’s Training and Competency Standard. This includes ensuring our staff are competent in addressing environmental requirements and facilitating an appropriate response to environmental incidents. 
By analyzing our environmental performance data (inspections, audit findings, incidents), we identify themes, which allow us to tailor training modules to meet our continuous improvement objectives. Employees are required to complete a variety of training modules on an annual basis, which cover topics such as bear awareness, clubroot management, and waste management and vegetation management. By educating our employees, Pembina is driving the development of an environmentally responsible culture.

Safeguarding the environment through our groundwater monitoring program

As part of our groundwater program, Pembina has installed groundwater monitoring well networks at many of our operating facilities. While the well networks are not required from a regulatory standpoint, we want to ensure we are doing our due diligence in protecting the environment where we operate. The networks act as an early warning system and flag potential environmental risks, such as an unwanted product release. Sample frequency is determined on a risk-based decision matrix and the data is collected at regular intervals and analyzed for chemicals associated with the operations at a specific location. The results are then used to map trends, provide early indications of soil or groundwater impact and identify and initiate appropriate actions to protect the environment.   
Environmental Management Program Performance

As part of our commitment to continuous improvement, Pembina's Environmental Management Program was modernized and re-released internally in 2018. The updated Environmental Management Program aligns with the goals and objectives of our Operating Management System, which provides systematic, consistent and proactive management of our operations and engineering activities. It defines how Pembina conducts our business in the environment and regulatory space.

For more information on Pembina’s Environmental Management Program, refer to our Health, Safety & Environment Policy or read our 2020 Sustainability Report.

"Pembina’s Environmental Management Program ensures that our activities and operations are conducted in a manner consistent with our corporate commitment to protecting people, the natural environment and property."

- Wendy Ross, Senior Manager, Environment & Regulatory
Collecting a groundwater sample

Collecting a groundwater sample