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Transforming lives & our workforce through the trades 

March 8 is International Women’s Day – a day where the world celebrates women’s achievements, raises awareness against biases and takes action for equality. 

Pembina is committed to diversity, equal opportunity and ensuring a safe and inclusive workplace and we are pleased to announce a renewed partnership with Women Building Futures (WBF) in collaboration with Inter Pipeline, to offer its first ever Power Engineer Career Accelerator pilot program for women in Alberta’s Heartland.   
The expanded partnership with WBF is just one example of how Pembina is helping to create career opportunities for women and reach our target of 35 percent women in our overall workforce by 2025.  

“Our $225,000 commitment with Women Building Futures removes barriers and supports women to enter an in-demand career in industry,” says Wayne Carey, Senior Manager, Pembina’s Redwater District. “The goal is to increase women’s earning potential and create economic resiliency for them, their families and communities.”  
Pembina plays an active role in this partnership through participation in workshop presentations, mock interviews, mentorship, and paid and un-paid employment opportunities. “Not only does this partnership support WBF in their commitment to prepare women for careers that lead to economic security, but it’s also an opportunity for Pembina to demonstrate our commitment to equity, diversity, and inclusion,” Wayne adds.  
“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Pembina Pipeline Corporation and Inter Pipeline to help increase women’s participation in power engineering," says Jess Thomson, Director Stakeholder & Government Relations with WBF. "We know these careers provide life-changing economic security for women in our communities. We look forward to delivering an exciting program with great opportunity for employment.”     
Throughout the year, WBF students receive support from trainers and mentors from Pembina and Inter Pipeline professionals to ensure students have the tools and confidence to succeed as they enter a new field in a traditionally male-dominated profession.  

Interested in applying?  

Women Building Futures is actively recruiting for the 2023 fall semester. Apply here. The application deadline is April 9th, 2023. 
Women Building Futures students and Pembina employees championing opportunities for women to build careers in skilled trades. 

Women Building Futures students and Pembina employees championing opportunities for women to build careers in skilled trades. 

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Targets 

Pembina is committed to achieving the following targets over the next three years:  

  • 35 percent women in the overall workforce by 2025. 
  • 30 percent women in executive leadership by 2022. 
  • 45 percent overall diversity in the workforce by 2025. 
  • 40 percent overall diversity in executive leadership by 2025.  
  • Maintain gender diversity of Board representation of at least 30 percent.  
  • ​At least 40 percent of the independent directors be individuals who belong to one of the four designated groups in the Employment Equity Act: Indigenous persons, people with disabilities, people who are visible minorities, and women. 

About the Power Engineer Career Accelerator Program:  

The program is funded by Pembina and Inter Pipeline and provides an opportunity for paid learning and employment. Applicants must be willing to attend training at Lakeland College or NAIT and work in various locations across Alberta.  
The Power Engineer Career Accelerator program will allow WBF to deliver a training program that will provide a career pathway for women as a power engineer that is supported through mentorship, training, co-op’s, paid summer placements and potential full-time employment upon successful completion of a 4th Class and 3rd Class Power Engineering Certificate.  
Power Engineer Career Accelerator students will experience three weeks of workplace readiness and safety certifications prior to attending Lakeland College or NAIT’s accredited Power Engineer program. During the post-secondary program, students will complete a six-week unpaid work placement during the school year with Pembina or Inter Pipeline. In the summer months, Pembina and Inter Pipeline will be offering WBF students a paid internship to gain additional hands-on experience.